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Remote Management:

Many of the homes in the mountains of northwest Georgia are those that serve as either a vacation home, a lease/rental house or are vacations homes that are in some cases occasionally rented.  The remote management of any of these types of homes have similar, yet not exactly the same needs.  In the sections below we outline how Blue Ridge Mountain Connected Home (BRMCH) can use technology to address some of the issues and needs of these unique properties.

Private Use Vacation Homes:

These types of homes are the one that we receive the most frequent requests for remote management technology. Because the homes are frequently unoccupied they have the greatest potential for undetected issues. Further, allowing service personnel access to property without physically being there is key to the ability to successfully remote manage these types of homes.

BRMCH provides Door Systems:

They allow you to see who is at the door, allow for communicate with them and unlock and re-lock the door when necessary.  This allows the home owner or manager to allow vendors access without giving them a code or a key.  It offers the added benefit of knowing the vendor’s time in and time out.  These door systems teamed with a video surveillance system allows for a powerful remote management service.

Managing energy systems:

Another issue associated with vacation homes that are often unoccupied is managing energy systems, have the ability to shutdown offending systems and to detect malfunctions in water and gas systems.  These devices provide notification and in some cases early warnings on issues that could otherwise go weeks or months without detection.

Vacation Homes used for Lease or Rental:

These types of homes are often managed by the homeowner themselves and are rented at varying periods during the year. They have many of the issue associate with vacation homes and have the added issues associated with rentals. There is no rule of thumb or even a set of systems that are unique to this type of home. To better understand the options for the types of systems frequently used in vacation homes and rental homes. The solution that is right for you will be some blend of those systems.

Rental Property Home Management:

Rental properties are most often managed by a property management company. The needs of this type of property are somewhat different from those of the vacation home but similar in the need for remote management of door access. Because the property is occupied more often than vacation homes the need for energy management and problem detection (though still important) is not as great. The need for access control is still there but does not necessarily require the installation of a video door system.

The key for this type of home is for the property manager to reduce the number of trips required to the home to provide effective management of the property. To achieve this goal BRMCH suggests remote managed door locks that allow for the manager to remove old codes and create new one remotely. This will enhance security of the space and ease the check-in process. Guests can be provided with unique codes without requiring a visit by the property manager to change codes.

Another area that often creates visits is the management of entertainment systems in the home.

New guests cannot figure how to get things to work or systems seem to not be functioning properly. BRMCH can provide a “bullet-proof” system that allow the guests to easily operate systems and remotely troubleshoot issues that do arise.

Further, we can provide the homeowner or property manager with the marketing advantages of stable Wi-Fi, cellular service and Internet connectivity. As with the other systems we install, these can be supported remotely as well.

For those with multiple properties, we can provide packages that can be installed in multiple homes at a predictable and repeatable price and functionality.

Contact Us to find out how we can help you to manage your remote property in the most efficient way possible.

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