In-Home Networking and Wi-Fi

In-Home Network

The scenario is familiar: you and your family have gathered in the family room, popcorn freshly popped and lights suitable dimmed, to watch an agreed-upon film on one of the popular streaming services.  Just as the movie is getting good, the screen is filled with a gray spinning circle. Your slow internet connection has interrupted the movie so that it can buffer the content.

Trending Toward Internet Services:

As the entertainment industry moves fully into IP-based (Internet) delivery and more internet-connected devices vie for a place on overtaxed home networks, it has never been more critical for home networks and your connection to the Internet be up to speed.  The connection to the Internet is the basis for much of the entertainment options that we have available to us today.  In many homes, there are far more hours spent consuming content from the Internet than hours spent watching live TV from cable, satellite or over-the-air TV services.  This trend toward Internet services and away from traditional TV services is expect to expand to the point that many of these TV services will be great diminished over the next 10 years.

Connecting Technologies:

In-home networking is the process of interconnecting all of the devices in a home together so that they can communicate with one another and with the Internet. Home networking is used to establish a link between the typical computing devices found in homes or those used for automation systems and control.  It is the combination of your in-home network and your your connection to Internet Services that determine your perception of speed and reliability.  

The technologies used to support complex business networks are the basically the same as those utilized in a home.  The general perception is that home networks are simple and easy to implement.  The truth of the matters is that the level of equipment used, the absence of quality wiring and the volatility of the Wi-Fi environment can make the home network more difficult to implement reliably than those in a commercial setting. 

Home networking is primarily used to provide Internet connectivity to consumers and their devices.

These include computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, media players and/or televisions. Generally, home networking can be achieved through the modem device provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), which may have support for multiple wired, wireless or both types of connections. The focus of this article is on the internal home network. However, the importance of choosing the correct ISP is equally as important and is covered on the Internet Services page.

The key is insure that the speed of the in-home network is not a bottle neck for connecting to Internet. The most visible evidence of network issues are slowdowns or disconnections when connecting to the Internet, say watching a YouTube video. To insure that the internal network is not detrimental to this experience, Blue Ridge Mountain Connected Home utilizes top shelf consumer and commercial grade network products to achieve the stability and speed needed for systems within the home. Weather devices are communicating with one another or the Internet we need to provide solutions meet the networking, security and Wi-Fi needs of your space. Again, there is no one solution that works for everyone, we will select the one that is right for you.

Lastly but certainly not the least important is securing the network and those who use it. There is a great deal of concerning news today on the security of smart devices like TVs and refrigerators. There is also much consternation surrounding identity theft and the high jacking of credit information. There is no silver bullet for protecting you, your loved ones and your devices from these types of attacks. The bottom line is that the security of your network is your responsibility. As in business systems, we will analyze the risk, assess your acceptance of risk and suggest the proper solution for your needs and budget.

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